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Once again, we would like to congratulate all finalists on the created projects and the courage in their public presentation.

Below you will find a full list of all the winners of the Main and Special Awards:

We present a list of qualified teams in each category. The choice was extremely difficult due to the very high level of submitted projects, as well as a large number of applications, which we mentioned in previous posts.

We'd like to invite you to a unique event that will take place during the ZTGK. Łódź Makes Games is the first such local exhibition of games that you can visit on June 28, 2019.

This year the interest is so big that it exceeded our expectations. We changed the location of the event to ensure sufficient comfort and a large space for participants and visitors.

2 weeks is the perfect time to polish up own projects but we know from experience that it can also bring dizzying ideas.

If you have doubts about how to design a character for the Game Graphics Concept contest...

Tomorrow at 10 am an application form will be made available for the second round of the competition


Ladies and Gentlemen

For organizational reasons, we are forced to make some changes in places
in the schedule of tomorrow's evaluations.

On Wednesday, 12/06/2019, between 9:00 and 17:00, evaluation of submitted projects will take place.

A detailed schedule can be found at:

Ladies and gentlemen,
please check your e-mail (including the "spam" folder) that you have provided as contact.

Dear Participants

Please check the e-mail boxes that you have provided as contact.
There is a code necessary to send an application form.


The team of the competition


Ladies and gentlemen,

  We are pleased to inform you that Sprite has once again become a platinum sponsor

Recruitment for the competition has been closed. Thank you for all your submissions. We noticed again that we have many young and talented game developers on the national arena. There are representations from:

We are waiting for your applications only for two days and...

we present the previous edition of the ZTGK in numbers:

. When & where ?
Dear Contestants,
We invite you to come and have your projects evaluated on Tuesday, June 5, in the building of the Information Technology Center of the Lodz University of Technology (CTI PŁ) at Wólczańska 217/223, on the 2nd floor. Date and time info have been sent to the email address of each team admitted for evaluation.

Sprite Me - take up the challenge and win a special prize!

Create a unique multi-player environment that gives the opportunity to compete or cooperate with other players. Surprise the jury with creative gameplay and motivating ideas. You only have 3 minutes to convince the jury that your game is the one that should win the prize in the Sprite Me competition. These can be the most important 3 minutes in your life!

DEADLINE for first-round project submissions
Dear Contestants,
We remind you that the first-round applications should be sent by the May 1, 2018 via the form available on the Competition?s website.

The 10th Anniversary Edition of the Competition is coming up?

Dear Contestants,
The 10th Anniversary Edition of the Team Game Development Competition will be held on June 28-29, 2018.
Awards will be given to the best participants, including a special prize from Sprite for those who will take up the "Sprite Me" challenge when carrying out the competition project.
"Sprite Me" - Create a competitive multi-player environment, an arena of individual or team struggles. Look for creative ways of rivalry and mutual motivation to overcome adversities and achieve a common goal. Present briefly (approx. 3 minutes) the "taste" of the game and the emotions that come with it."

Terms & Conditions of the 2018 Team Game Development Competition
The Terms & Conditions of 10th Edition of the Team Game Development Competition are already available on the Submision page or here.

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