2017 Edition

Letter of Congratulations

We are very pleased to announce to all participants of the Team Game Development Competition that we have received a letter of congratulations from the President of the City of Łódź, Mrs. Hanna Zdanowska.

Team Game Development Competition - Gallery....

We are starting to upload photos from the Competition. To avoid getting you too excited, the photos will not be uploaded all at once. The ones from the after party are the last in line


The Results of the 9th Edition of the Team Game Development Competition

The 9th Edition of the Competition is already behind us. We could cool down a little over the weekend and now it's time for a quick recap. On Friday (June 30, 2017), the jury composed of business representatives and partners of the competition chose the best projects for each category and awarded special prizes to recognize the games created by the finalists.

The 1st place in the Game Development category went to the BlayRah Studio team and their game WitchCraft.


The winner in the Game Design category was Tangent Universes and their game Profanum:Svetaria

The top spot on the podium in the Mobile Games category was climbed by Czarne Banany and their game Traffic Guardian

The winner in the Virtual Environment category was the Dynamic Trio team and their game ProjectSoup

The 1st place in the Game Graphic Concept category went to Ms. Marlena Moradewicz for the character design of ?Mr. Maps?

The winner in the Game Review category was Mr. Kamil Jędrasiak for his review of the game SuperHot

In addition, the companies distinguished some of the teams by awarding them special prizes. S lot of these prizes were handed out this year, which testifies to both the tough competition and the generosity of our sponsors. Thank you :)

The full list of winners is as follows:

Wacom awarded with a prize Mr. Paweł Konknów for the environmental project "Pilowland". Potega Obrazu appreciated the efforts of Ms. Marlena Moradewicz for her environment project "Wyjscie" [lit. ?Exit?] and Ms. Idalia Kułak for the character design of "Nadia".

Poznań Game Arena, Indie Games Polska Foundation handed out a special prize to the Tangent Universes team for the game Profanum:Svetaria.

Marvel (Kia and Hyundai car dealership) awarded prizes to the following teams: KKK Games, Trzej Muszkieterowie, LanParty, and a special prize to the Czarne Banany team.

Digital Dragons awarded special prizes to teams: Infomorph Team, Dynamic Trio and Tangent Universes.

11bit studios funded a special prize for the teams Black Pineapple Games and DVD Project.

Ci Games awarded a total of 6 special prizes. The lucky teamswere: KKK Games, Co-Warriors, Black Pineapple Games, Co-Orpol, Tangent Universes, as well as Zuzanna Gregorowicz for character concept.

Teyon gave their special prize to the BlahRay Studio team.

Techland awarded a special prize to the Black Pineapple Games team.

Congratulations to all prize winners and all finalists! We take this opportunity to invite you to the 10th Anniversary Edition of the 2018 Team Game Development Competition, which will be held on June 28-29, 2018.


Contest Streaming

If you can?t be with us during the final gala at Art Inkubator, we invite you to watch a stream from the event, made possible by the Multimedia Center of the Lodz University of Technology

The winners will be announced tomorrow ...

Dear Finalists,

We meet tomorrow, June 29, at Art incubator (ul. Tymienieckiego 3 in Łódź, Poland). Because the jury has a tight schedule, we kindly ask you arrive on time. Registration of participants starts at 9am. We also invite everyone who wants to cheer their friends or just play games and hang out. Admission to the event is free of charge.

See you there!

Qualifications in the Game Graphics Concept category

All submissions in the GGC contest category have been qualified for the finals and for the Plenary Exhibition.

Congratulations to the authors and good luck!

See you there!

Teams qualified for the 9th Finals of the Team Game Development Competition

Dear Contestants,

We announce that today (19.06.2017) the qualification of projects to the 9th Finals of the Team Game Development Competition took place. As a result, the following teams have qualified for each category:

1. Design

Black Pineapple Games
BlahRay Studio
Infomorph Team
Lonely Lantern
Tangent Universes
The Arthromorphs


Black Pineapple Games
BlahRay Studio
Drużyna R
Missing Texture Games
Red Gecko Games

3. Mobile Games

Czarne Banany
Divine Marble
Lan Party

4. Virtual Environment

3 Muskeeters
Czarne Banany
Fireline Games
Pepesoft inc.

In addition, the jury decided to grant one "wild card" in each of the categories. These went to:

  1. Creepy Experience in Design
  2. Bitten Banana in Development
  3. DVD Project in Mobile Games
  4. BedzieDobrze in Virtual Environment

Congratulations to the finalists who will are going to compete on June 29-30 in Łódź, Poland. Thank you to all the teams for sending in your submissions - we invite you to take part in the final event and join the Competition next year!

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