2014 Edition

The project, the storyline, the software and the production ? they are all the original work of the students. Whose design was the best? This was evaluated by specialists from the industry.

On Tuesday, July 1, 2014, the 6th Edition of the Team Game Development Competition took place at the Institute of Information Technology at the Lodz University of Technology. This year, 11 groups composed of 6- or 7-person teams participated in the Competition. Students had 15 weeks to complete the games. During that time, there were designs, storylines, sketches, 3D models, textures, animations, user interface, game engine and gameplay.

In the current edition of the competition, the jury consisted of 13 companies: Ars Thanea Games, CD Projekt RED, Goddylabs, Incuvo, one2tribe, Plastic, Techland, Teyon Software & Entertainment, UNIT9, Vescom, Vivid Games, Wastelands Interactive, 11bit studios and employees of the IT Institute of the Lodz University of Technology, the University of Lodz and the Academy of Fine Arts. One main prize and four distinctions were awarded.

The winner was the game "Mimus Dei" created by the Tall Whale team composed of Rząsa Witold, Ciążyński Paweł, Janeczek Mateusz, Jędrzejczak Dariusz, Kubiak Krzysztof, Majewski Wojciech, Rriska Panajoti. "Mimus Dei" is an action adventure game with platform elements, in which the player takes on the role of a puppeteer in charge of the hero-puppet named Nin who fights with the evil Demon. The battle takes place in the world of the ancient Sumerian myth about Inanna?s descent into the underworld. At stake of the confrontation is the soul of a kidnapped puppeteer, who will be released only once the puppeteer has rescue the goddess Inana with the help of Nin. This, of course, is something that the Demon - who controls the main villain, the queen of the underworld, Ereshkigal - does want to allow.


Tall Whale - Mimus Dei

The distinction award for the substantive value was given to the team DonKeys, for the game "Spectrum" made by a team composed of: Bielak Adrianna, Głąbicki Mateusz, Jach Sonia, Kosiński Michał, Otto Ewelina, Owczarczyk Michał. "Spectrum" is an adventure and logical FPP game that takes the player to the industrial times of the Polish city of Lodz in 1900, where he directs a hero trapped in an old camera and lost in the unknown reality. It is through his eyes that we will explore the intrigues and resolve the riddles, to finally bring the protagonist back to his times.

DonKeys - Spectrum

The BN (Bez Nazwy) team was awarded for engineering and atmosphere of the game ?STORM?. Team members: Barczyński Łukasz, Bruchajzer Ewa, Królak Mateusz, Pawlak Damian, Rogala Piotr, Wyroda Tomasz, Zdunek Damian. It is an adventure game telling the story of a kidnapped boy subjected to a series of bizarre experiments. He gains the ability to control weather phenomena (like one of the X-Man heroines), thanks to which he overcomes a long way home, pursued by sinister robots. The player helps the boy reach home using his amazing abilities.

Grupa BN - STORM

Another distinction award for the originality and solutions adopted in the game was received by The Buggers for the game "Ants in Pants?. Team members: Daszuta Marcin, Jóźwiak Damian, Kłysiński Mariusz, Płusk Milosz, Rynkiewicz Filip, Rzepecki Piotr and Świerczyński Radosław. "Ants in pants" is an RTS game, in which the player takes on a commanding swarm of ants who must safely guide their subordinates through the forest in order to secure their existence in the world. The task is difficult because various dangers await on the way, ranging from natural obstacles and predators to an arsonist chasing us with the magnifying glass.

The Buggers - Ants in pants

Łukasz, Jankowski Tobiasz, Kopertowski Dawid, Łachacz Filip, Majczyk Adam, Marszał Piotr. ?House of War? is a simplified flight simulator for toy warplanes. The player takes on the role of a model pilot from the Cold War Collection. The battlefield is the modeler's and collector's house filled with everyday objects. Wing in wing with its squadron, the player will have to resist the ruthless Modern Collection.

Try Catch - House of War

This year's edition of the Competition gathered the largest number of participants so far, as well as companies from the computer games industry, who raised the rank of our contest with their presence and participation in the jury . We hope that the growing interest of students and the ever-stronger cooperation with specialists in the computer games industry will contribute to the expansion of next year's editions by new participants and new companies.

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