2013 Edition

On Tuesday, June 25, at the Institute of Information Technology of the Lodz University of Technology, the 5th Edition of the Team Game Development Competition took place. This year, 11 six-person teams participated in the Competition. The students had 15 weeks to complete the games. In this short period of time, designs, storylines, sketches, 3D models, textures, animations, user interfaces, game engines and gameplays were created. The Jury was composed of:

Artur Ganszyniec (Ars Thanea Games), 
Arkadiusz Antonik (CD Projekt RED), 
Maciej Miąsik (one2tribe), 
Michał Tatka, Łukasz Majchrzak (Teyon Software & Entertainment), 
Maciej Zasada(UNIT9), 
Mateusz Janczewski(Vivid Games), 
Leszek Lisowski (Wastelands Interactive), 
Paweł Miechowski, Grzegorz Miechowski (11bit studios) and 
Sebastian Białek (Lodz City Office), 
Katarzyna Prajzner (University of Lodz), 
Jarosław Andrzejczak, Radosław Bednarski, Dominik Szajerman, Rafał Szrajber, Adam Wojciechowski (Lodz University of Technology) 
awarded the first place and four distinction awards.

The winner of the contest was "Riselands" by the Gamedivers team made up of: Maciej Czarnecki, Marcin Gołubienko, Damian Hofman, Łukasz Kosma, Hubert Ogrodowczyk and Tomasz Ślawski. "Riselands" is a real-time strategy game set in the world of flying islands. The player gets control over his own land and settlers living in it. The main element of the game is the exploration of the dynamically changing environment and annexing new, resource-rich lands to the island.

A special distinction award for creativity and technology was given to the Cynobrowy team for the game "Shelter City". Team members: Sebastian Deredas, Magdalena Rawicka, Adam Dutkiewicz, Aleksander Królasik, Krzysztof Szafrański and Jakub Witczak. "Shelter City" is an action-adventure game set in virtual reality. The player is equipped with skills such as changing the gravity or the world around him. The hero, after discovering the government's evil plot, decides to prevent the enslavement of humanity by the leaders of the virtual world.

The distinction prize for gameplay was won by the game "Doomsowers" and the team Kiwikado composed of: Kuba Bentyn, Paulina Markiewicz, Sławomir Opałka, Paweł Szkudlarek, Michał Warycha and Daniel Ziętala. In "Doomsowers", we take on the role of Edgar - a merciless barbarian and a member of the ancient Brotherhood of Doom Sowers. Together with our faithful companion, Glurpan, we set out on a mission to destroy another, seemingly weak world. However, there are many challenging obstacles waiting for us, which we overcome using the brute force and cunning of our protagonist - the enemies fall under the hail of our blows and their blood runs red.

The ZenTeam team received a distinction prize for communication with the player for their game "Zen Game". The game was created by: Dawid Cichy, Tomasz Gałaj, Bartłomiej Karalus, Michał Nowak, Emilia Szymańska and Damian Wojtas. "Zen Game" is a three-dimensional stealth game embedded in sci-fi realities. Once upon a time, the Pioneer 10 satellite with a board describing the human race breaks down on the planet of Ze, inhabited by intelligent technology. But there is something else on board as well. The player helps the Zen3C agent investigate the find and unravel the mystery that it entails.

The 12345 Gaming team was awarded for the reliability of their Arcann Demon Story. The team was composed of: Michał Andrzejczak, Krzysztof Drewnowicz, Adam Gierach, Katarzyna Pawlak, Jędrzej Piaskowski and Daniel Ryszewski. The game is an epic tale about the fate of a young man who, wanting to gain immense power, sets out to chase after a demon. Battling evil forces and learning new, deadly magical skills, he gets closer to the discovery of a mystery that will forever change his life.




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