About the Competition

The Team Game Development Competition was first launched in 2008 at the IT Institute of the Faculty of Technical Physics, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics (FTIMS) at the Lodz University of Technology. The competition is open to all participants who have signed up for one of the key subjects that referred to the subject matter of computer games creation (Game Engine Programming, Computer Game Programming, Graphics Cards and Consoles Programming, Computer Simulation Technologies, Real Time Rendering and Management of Programming Projects). These subjects are mandatory for the academic specialization of Game and Computer Simulation Technologies, and optional for the others. At this point, it is worth emphasizing that the specialization of Game Technologies and Computer Simulations is the oldest one of this kind in Poland. It celebrates its 12th anniversary this year, and its graduates have been supplying the group of renowned experts in the computer games industry throughout the country for 9 years. The development of students is fostered by the cycle of education carried out at the Institute of Computer Science of the Lodz University of Technology, which includes further subjects related to the creation and improvement of computer games (Production and Marketing of Software, Network Games Programming, Sound Programming, Specialist project - IMAGINE CUP).

In doing so, the IT Institute of the Lodz University of Technology - as one of the few in the country ? have pursued a novel form of project-oriented learning, combined with motivating students through the element of competition. Rector at the Lodz University of Technology, Prof. Eng. Stanisław Bielecki, Ph.D., has appreciated the initiative and funded the prize in the form of a cup for the winner of the competition.


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